History of the Institution

The Institution of Diagnostic Engineers was founded in April 1981 by the late Dr. Ralph Collacott. He recognised the need for an institution to encompass all engineers dealing with diagnostics, fault finding, condition monitoring and so on in all areas of industry, regardless of academic qualification. Within six months the Institution had over 400 members and continued to grow, with members across many areas of engineering disciplines such as aerospace, marine, vehicle and refrigeration.

In 1994 the Australian Division of The Institution of Diagnostic Engineers was incorporated in Western Australia, as the headquarters for the Australian and New Zealand members.

Sadly Dr. Collacott passed away in 1996. The Institution was then incorporated as a Company limited by Guarantee and in September 2000 was registered as a Charity under the name of Society of Diagnostic Engineers.

The Institution of Diagnostic Engineers has a current membership around one thousand.

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