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Troublesome mechanical seal problem solved

A centrifugal shear screen mixer had been a source of trouble since its installation in 1996. The main source of trouble appeared to have been associated with failure of the environmental controls of the mechanical seals. Classic signs of failure included heat checking of the seal faces, extruded PTFE “elastomer” wedges and worn drive slots and dogs in the carrier and seal face. Download the article from the link below.


Ring Gaps vs Knowledge Gaps

During school summer holidays there occurs a period known as the “silly season” when breaking news is slack and newspapers, radio and TV issue forth all sorts of drivel to justify their existence.

In our industry I sometimes think that we use ring gaps to fulfil a similar purpose – and we do it all year round. There are more old wives tales about ring gaps than any other facet of our job, so lets spend a while and bin a few of them. Download the article from the link below.


The Surveyor the Sludge and the Smoke

I joined a small passenger ship as Chief Engineer, the previous incumbent having resigned over a matter of white smoke, of which the vessel had a long history. She was laid up in her home port, within a week or so in which the decor was to be refurbished after a recent dry-dock, so the matter of white smoke, while pressing, was not urgent, I thought. Download the article from the link below.


Fuel for Thought

There are an incredibly large number of changes inevitable with regard to the motor car as a consequence of depletion of oil resources, Government Legislation, public opinion and continuing pressure from green organisations. If road tolls are implemented, employers may recruit employees who are located shorter distances from the place of work. This would mean a dramatic change in the use of the motor car especially if cars were to be prohibited from city centres. It would seem a safe assumption that future fuels will have to be based on alternative sources. Download the article from the link below.


How long is a clutch?

Sometimes you come across the oddest cases quite by accident, and this one is no exception.

Whilst carrying out an investigation for a garage into a mysterious appearance of chassis damage – in the immortal words of Michael Flanders “which I’ll tell you all about – some other time.”, it was necessary to visit the garage on several occasions in order to gather all the information I needed for my report. Download the article from the link below.


Improving motor efficiency

The following is an extract from ABB Review the Corporate Technical Journal of the ABB Group. It covers the area of cost and energy saving as well as reducing the environmental effect of electric motors. Download the article from the link below.


The Importance of Holes

I greatly enjoyed reading George Blakeys recollections of boiler fires aboard ships in Journal No.113, and was reminded by his penultimate paragraph of a less serious but nonetheless extremely inconvenient incident with which I was involved a few years ago, also involving a “missing” hole. At the time I was employed as skipper/engineer of a motor yacht which cruised extensively in the Mediterranean. Two V 12 diesel motors, of some 1300 hp each, powered the vessel. Both the engines and their ancillaries had been overhauled by the factory in Germany a couple of years prior to my joining the vessel. Download the article from the link below.


Fretting and corrosion in turbo-alternator quill shaft, oil pump and governor gearing

One out of six identical 60 MW turbo-alternators installed in a power station, suffered from repeated failures of the oil pump and governor gearing by what appeared to be ‘fretting corrosion’. The Quill shaft claw coupling to the HP turbine was similarly affected. Download the article from the link below.


Cambelts and the cost implications

To continue my look at engines, today we will look at cam belts. Camshaft drive belts are extensively used today on the modern motorcar engine. Why?

The most common statements I get from customers are:
Why do they use something, which they know will fail?
It must have jumped a tooth, coz’ it’s running real bad!
Download the article from the link below.