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Here is a collection of recommended diagnostic engineering videos from YouTube, some for those seeking early engineering career inspiration and others for more seasoned diagnostic engineers. Although DIAGS has vetted the YouTube video links below for suitability, the Institution does not endorse them, or their presenters and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content. However, the links have been selected because they give a good general overview of aspects of diagnostic engineering and are, in some cases, specific product related. Watch this space as we will add more content.

Accoustics & Sound Engineering

Acoustic engineering 101 – Resonators and derivations in acoustic filters

The video discusses the use of acoustic resonators and, more generally, the concept of derivation in an acoustic filter.

Acoustics 101

This presentation outlines fundamental principles of acoustics in buildings: the basics of sound waves, basics of human perception of sound, how sound behaves inside versus outside, the acoustic properties of building materials.

Becoming a Sound Engineer

Ever thought about a career in sound engineering? This video may help.

How to become an Acoustic Engineer

In discussion with Greg Sikora, director and head of acoustic systems engineering at Harman, about his career as an acoustic engineer within the company’s car audio division.

Prof. Trevor Cox, Professor of Acoustic Engineering

Prof. Trevor Cox gives a comprehensive presentation on the effect of external noise on learning, including the effect on children with special educational needs.

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Automotive Engineering

Automotive Oscilloscopes: What you need to know

Alex Muir explains what an oscilloscope is, how it works and how to perform two tests: a relative compression test by measuring current into the starter motor, and a full pressure test using PicoScope’s WPS pressure transducer.

Every engine sensor explained

How Alternators Work

How does a car alternator work? Learn from the basics where we use the alternator and how alternators work.

How does a clutch work?

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside a car when you press the clutch pedal? Or why do you need to press the clutch pedal before you shift gears in a manual transmission car? This video gives you logical answers to these questions.

How an Electric Car Works, Its Parts & Functions

Electric cars work by plugging into a charge point and taking electricity from the grid. They store electricity in a rechargeable battery that powers an electric motor, which spins the wheels.

Hybrid and electric vehicle servicing

In this video we talk about safety and open the HV battery pack to see what’s inside.

Top 10 Tools for Auto Electrical Repair and Diagnosis

Let’s check out a selection of tools for the job.

What is an ECU?

In this episode we talk about Electronic Control Units, what an ‘ECU’ is and does, and how they are related to Embedded Systems and Embedded Software.

What Is Vehicle Diagnostics

Getting to the cause! This time, ‘Doc’ Iain is going to explain what diagnostics is in the context of vehicles and how it can be used to build an understanding of what has happened or is happening inside a vehicle’s E/E system.

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Aviation Engineering

A Career in Aircraft Engineering

Being an aircraft engineer can take you around the world. It’s an exciting career with great potential as Rhiannon discovers when she visits Engineering Services at Air New Zealand.

Aircraft Transponder and Static System Test

Let’s peek over the shoulder of the mechanics as they perform the recurring tests of the aircraft transponder and pitot/static system test, as required by FAR 91.411 and 91.413.

Airplane Heavy Maintenance

At Lufthansa Technik Malta, 700 hidden figures keep aviation the safest way to travel. The highly trained team specializes in aircraft safety checks and overhauls.

Dealing with Challenges in the Aircraft Maintenance Business

Maintenance is one of the biggest cost factors for operating business aircraft. To ensure safety and availability, owners and operators should not cut corners to try to save money.

Hightech Plane Makers

A glimpse behind the scene of the Airbus factory in Hamburg-Finkenwerder which is one of the world’s largest sites for modern aerospace construction and assembly.

Introduction to Aircraft Fuel Systems

This webinar gives an overview of the different functions, the subsystems that make up the fuel system, the interactions the fuel system has with the rest of the aircraft, and the differences between various aviation sectors.

Lycoming IO-360-L2A

This video delves into the Lycoming IO-360-L2A as found on the Cessna 172S. You will learn the major components that make up this system, and how each relates to the operation of the airplane.

S2E11 QUIK aircraft damage assessment

Mark spent many hours checking and diagnosing when and how different aspects of the structure became misaligned or deformed. Here are his findings.

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Electrical Engineering

Electric Motors Troubleshooting

In this video we work through some very basic troubleshooting techniques and work through some of the common problems you may face.

Electrical Diagnostic Thinking

Another livestream with Bryan and friends. This time they discuss Electrical Diagnostic Thinking.

Electrical Test Equipment

It’s an electricians job to be able to identify what’s going on in an electrical circuit, and sometimes this can be a difficult task. Having a firm knowledge of how to use various pieces of electrical test equipment can be the difference in solving a problem and making a guess.

Electrical Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques

Joe shares tips on understanding electrical current paths, what voltage drop is and when it is a good thing versus when it’s a bad thing. Testing methods are demonstrated and suggestions for choosing a good meter are mentioned.

Fault Finding Solar PV System

Join us as we do some fault finding on a Solar PV System

Intermittent Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical engineer Rich Peterson covers how to find those pesky intermittent problems and tough-to-solve electrical dilemmas. Infrared equipment, module testing, and other techniques are covered.

How to Use a Multimeter

This video will show you how to use a multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance, and continuity.

Learning Electrical Troubleshooting in a Virtual Environment

How can electrical workers practice electrical troubleshooting, without putting themselves at risk of electrical shock as they learn the basics?

Terrible Electrical Work – Testing Somebody Else’s Mess

Join Cory as he carries out an EICR on an absolute disaster of an electrical installation

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Engineering Careers Advice

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Software Engineer

Helpful advice for anyone considering a career in software engineering.

21 Types of Engineers – Engineering Majors Explained

When I was younger, I said I wanted to be an engineer. Never knew there’s so many types of engineer.

A Day In The Life Of A Wind Turbine Engineer

A short film by BMS telling the story of a typical day in the life of a wind turbine engineer working on a large offshore wind farm.

Automotive Engineering Careers and Where to Begin

What to think about if you are thinking about a career in automotive engineering.

Essential Skills for Engineering Career Development

In this video, we talk to Mark A. Herschberg, a seasoned executive and cybersecurity expert and author of the book called: “The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You” about the importance of career planning, networking, communication, leadership, and management as an engineer.

Honest Career Advice for Engineers

Engineering can be a tough career and I have learned a lot in my 15 years and this is my honest Career Advice for Young Engineers.

My Education and Career Path as a Mechanical Engineer

Here is the story of my mechanical engineering education and career path working on renewable energy engineering technologies for fifteen years so far.

Structural engineering explained

This video elucidates the basic of structural engineering works and overview of roles,responsibilities

What Do Mechanical Engineers Do?

The title of the video says it all!

What Do Structural Engineers Do?

This video gives a nice breakdown of the types of projects that structural engineers work on on a daily basis.

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Heating & Ventilating Engineering

Boiler Safety, Operation and Procedures

You will learn basic boiler systems and classifications, operator responsibilities, and preventative maintenance, plus efficiency, emissions, and proper water treatment.

Chiller faults – troubleshooting

In this video we take a look at common chiller faults and how to troubleshoot them.

Critical System Diagnosis for Residential HVAC

In this video we focus especially on compressor diagnosis and how to make sure you aren’t telling someone they need a compressor when they don’t.

How Air Handling Units work

Covering ductwork, AHU, centrifugal fan, cooling coil, heating coil, humidification, filters, heat exchangers, run around coils, where to find AHU’s

How Thermocouples Work

We’ll cover types of thermocouples, applications of thermocouples, the physics behind thermocouples as well as experiments to show how it works.

Teaching HVAC ELECTRICAL Wiring, Components and Troubleshooting

In this HVAC Training Video, you are shown how to use an HVAC electrical training board to teach electrical wiring, components, wiring diagrams, and electrical troubleshooting.

Understanding How a Boiler Works

Many commercial and industrial organizations operate boilers in their buildings. It’s important for the organization to have a grasp of how their boiler systems work so they can maintain and troubleshoot them.

Vaillant EcoTec Pro – Changing The Pump Body

Learn how to change the pump body on a Vaillant EcoTec Pro boiler.

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Marine Engineering

Day in the Life of a Mega-ship Marine Engineer

In this episode, we follow Alan who is the 4th engineer in charge of the maintenance of various primary and auxiliary engines.

Installation and safety of diesel heaters on boats

Owen Cox from Planar Heaters presents a talk on the installation and safety of diesel heaters on boats.

Marine Diesel Two Stroke Engine – How it Works!

This 3D animation video gives you a unique look at just how these huge machines work.

Microbial Corrosion of Iron and Steel

A lecture given by the indomitable Jeffrey Casciani-Wood on the causes and effects of bug attack leading to microbial corrosion.

Moisture meters and dealing with osmosis

Nigel Clegg gives an update on osmosis 40 years on and talks about the use of moisture meters.

Stainless steel in marine applications and its susceptibility to corrosion

Mike Lewus presents a talk on stainless steel in marine applications and its susceptibility to corrosion

Surveying boat electrics – What a surveyor should know

Paul Madeley discusses electrical boat surveying from an electrical engineer’s perspective.

Surveyors and LPG gas on boats

Experienced Gas Safe engineer and marine surveyor, James Hale, discusses the importance of a surveyor’s understanding of LPG gas and boats with a series of practical hints and tips.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges and how to use them

Jon Sharland Tritex NDT Ltd talks about ultrasonic thickness gauges and explains how to use them.

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Mechanical Engineering

Basics of Pump Maintenance

This webinar looks at the basics of pump repair and maintenance with some examples of common troubleshooting techniques and how to keep pumps running smoothly.

Chain Drives – types of drives and their uses

Chain drives are suitable for small center distances and can be used generally up to 3 meters but in special cases even up to 8 meters.

Electric Motors Troubleshooting and Understanding

This webinar is about electric motors and how to get a better understanding of them. We’ll work through some very basic troubleshooting techniques and some of the common problems you may face.

Gears Explained

Learn about gears – driver gear and driven gear, gear ratios, why we need gears, torque and mechanical advantage.

How bearings work and the different types

Generally, all types of machinery are provided with supports for rotating shafts, the supporting device is known as a bearing.

The Reason for Condition Monitoring

Training Manager Dean Whittle explains “The reason for condition monitoring” filmed at Maintec.

Types of Gears: Different Gears and their Uses Explained

This video looks at the different types of gears and explains their uses.

Utilizing vibration analysis to detect gearbox faults

An introduction to time waveform analysis, circle plots, TSA and other techniques.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

This video will give you an insight into the role of the mechanical engineer.

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Predictive Maintenance & Condition Based Monitoring

An Animated Introduction to Vibration Analysis by Mobius Institute

An Animated Introduction to Vibration Analysis by Speaker Jason Tranter, CEO & Founder, Mobius Institute.

Fundamentals of Predictive Maintenance Success

Technical experts, like certified vibration analysts, can be much more efficient and focus on fault analysis on machinery where real issues exist.

Introduction to Condition-Based Maintenance

An introduction in CBM data sources, analysis techniques and decisions

Predictive Maintenance as a Service

PdM projects are aimed at reducing maintenance costs and increasing availability, but did you know that 70% of them fail?

Predictive Maintenance for manufacturing

This video brings you IoT based Predictive Maintenance Solution for Rotary Equipments.

Predictive Maintenance in the Aerospace Industry

Think about all the machines you use during a year, all of them, from a toaster every morning to an airplane every summer holiday. Now imagine that, from now on, one of them would fail every day. What impact would that have?

Predictive Maintenance in the Steel Industry

This video addresses the key questions and illustrates the benefits of predictive maintenance by a concrete implementation in the Steel Industry.

Predictive Maintenance Introduction

This video explains different maintenance strategies and walks you through a workflow for developing a predictive maintenance algorithm.

Predictive Maintenance: Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning

Use machine learning techniques such as clustering and classification in MATLAB® to estimate the remaining useful life of equipment.

Three Steps to Mastering Maintenance and Reliability

The world is changing quickly, and maintenance techniques are changing too. In the early 20th century, maintenance was simple – fix it when it breaks.

Ultrasound as part of your predictive maintenance program

Chris Hallum, UE Systems Europe B.V., gives a talk about how and when to introduce ultrasound as part of a predictive maintenance program.

Vibration diagnostics for beginners

In this video we simply explain what Vibration Diagnostics or Vibration Analysis is, how it works and what is good for.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is one of the types of maintenance, that monitor the condition and performance of equipment during normal operation.


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Railway Engineering

In The Materials Lab – Destructive Testing

Staff from Sheffield Hallam University’s Materials Department demonstrate and explain various types of destructive materials testing, used on a range of materials. Tests include tensile, impact, hardness and compression.

Rail Accident Investigation in the UK

Rail Accident Investigation in the UK by Jonathan Graham made at the PWI West of England Section Meeting.

Rails thermite welding – Eruptions, melt squeezing and grinding

Rails welding by aluminothermic process on the Serbian Railways. The video shows three weldings and the complete process of welding work.

Railway Engineering – Railway Systems

An undergraduate civil engineering lecture on railway engineering.

Railway Engineering Unit 8 – Traction & Rolling Stock

An undergraduate civil engineering lecture on railway engineering featuring traction and rolling stock.

Railway structure derailment risk assessment guidance

Railway structure derailment risk assessment guidance for track engineers presented by Mark Stowell.

Track design: The basics

Presentation by Tom Wilson made at the PWI Edinburgh Section meeting.

World’s Longest High-Speed Train Heavy Maintenance

The longest high-speed train in the world gets the biggest overhaul of its life.

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Software Engineering

Coding Interview with a Software Engineer

Live programming interview with a software development manager at Bloomberg.

Software Engineering Basics

Software engineering is all about writing code in a structured and formal way, with the end goal of achieving greater readability and maintainability of code.

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Structural Engineering

5 top equations every Structural Engineer should know

The title of the video says it all.

An Introduction to Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis starts with defining a series of potential faults. The series of faults are then logically sorted in a way that the analyst can eliminate unlikely faults from the pool.

Analysis of Statically Determinate Beams with internal Support

Learn to draw the shear and moment diagram and the deflection diagram of an internal unstable beam.

Diagnostic Imaging of Concrete Using Fusion of GPR and Ultrasonic Array Images

Ultrasonic array echo and ground penetrating radar testing have been widely used in non-destructive testing (NDT) of concrete structures.

Explaining Shear and Moment Diagrams Graphically – Structural Analysis

This video describes the relationships between internal shear and moment used to draw shear and moment diagrams graphically.

Guidelines in Structural Assessment of Existing Building

These guidelines have to be considered during the integrity check and assessment of an existing structure.

Keeping Adjacent Buildings Safe During Construction

Watch and listen to an expert in this field of structural engineering.

Method of Joints (Part 1) – Statics and Structural Analysis

Brief explanation of the method of joints followed by an example problem.

Method of Joints (Part 2) – Statics and Structural Analysis

Continuing from Method of Joints (Part 1) – the example problem is completed and a zero force member is identified.

Understanding Structural Engineering

Informative video that gives an overview of what structural engineering is.

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