New Labels For Hydrogen Boilers

a series of new labels for hydrogen capability of boilers has been agreed
A series of new labels for the hydrogen capability of boilers has been agreed

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council and appliance manufacturers have agreed upon a series of labels that will clearly identify a boiler’s ability to run on hydrogen.

The new labels will show three distinct categories of hydrogen appliances:
· Hydrogen Blend compatible – capable of running on a blend of up to 20 per cent hydrogen in the gas network.
· Hydrogen-Ready appliances – capable of running on a 20 per cent blend but with the capability of being converted by a Gas Safe engineer to run on a 100 per cent hydrogen gas network.
· 100% Hydrogen boiler – an appliance built specifically to run on hydrogen without the need for conversion.

The government is aiming to inject a blend up to 20% hydrogen into gas networks across the country from 2023, with a decision in 2026 about the conversion towards a 100% hydrogen gas network.

Stewart Clements, director of the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, says: “These labels bring clarity to consumers and installers. As we go on the journey towards decarbonising the gas networks, industry needs to be absolutely transparent on what appliances can and can’t do.

“The labelling has been agreed by the appliance manufacturers and will be used by them to clearly identify products. It will also help communicate the changes that will take place in UK homes, as we work towards achieving net zero.

“Decarbonising homes this way will be cheaper for consumers, involve less disruption, minimising upfront costs, and, by using Gas Safe engineers, will work with the current installer workforce.”

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